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Pannipitiya Private Hospital - Diagnostics

  • Clinical Laboratory Services

    We are supported by well equipment and highly qualified medical consultants and other para medic staff to carryout functions of our clinical laboratory in all the relevant fields of biochemistry, histopathology, microbiology etc. Located within our hospitals, these laboratories are managed by an experienced team, who handle hundreds of samples daily.

  • Health Screening

    Getting preventive care is one of the most important steps you can take to manage your health. That's because when a condition is diagnosed early, it is usually easier to treat. And regular checkups can help you and your doctor identify lifestyle changes you can make to avoid certain conditions. We strongly believe in preventive care. By taking control of your health and being aware of any potential risks associated with your current lifestyle or family medical history, you are in a better position to ensure that you manage any identified health issues successfully and even reverse any previously undiagnosed health issues.

    Not all health problems show symptoms in their early stages, which is why we offer a range of health screening programmes, tailored to your individual health needs. Our experienced medical team will be able to advice on the appropriate screening package for you.

    Should any health problems be identified, our comprehensive and experienced team of medical professionals will follow up with you to provide the necessary medical care, help you understand your state of health and advise you on any lifestyle changes you will need to make.

    Our health screening services are suitable for both individuals and employees of corporate organizations.

  • Radiology & Imaging Services


    Our specialized radiologists and highly trained healthcare professionals work as a cohesive team to provide interpretive diagnostic imaging reports and opinions to assist your doctor in making the best decisions to manage your treatment.

    Depending on your symptoms, your doctor will arrange tests that aid in the diagnosis of your condition and to better understand what is going on inside your body. These tests can be conducted using various imaging technologies like X-ray, computed tomographic (CT), ultrasound, electroencephalogram (EEG) nerve conduction studies (NCS) or can include non-invasive cardiac tests like electrocardiogram (ECG) and echocardiogram.

    Our radiology centers may also play a part in your health screening process, where our imaging technology is used to detect medical conditions that do not cause symptoms.