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Pannipitiya Private Hospital - Laboratory

  • Introduction

    Brain & Nerves (Neurology), Mount Elizabeth

    Laboratory at PNH contains the most advanced technology in medical industry. We do every external and internal thing in Laboratory according to the international quality control systems.

    The external quality controlling is done by ‘Bio Rad’ international quality control company located in USA. They have already certified that PNH laboratory has reached the Bio Rad’s expected international quality level. We do all of this quality controlling to make sure you get the most accurate and up-to-date lab reports from us. It is very important to have these highly accurate reports in order for the doctor to diagnose you properly.

  • Important Points

    1. Blood samples should be taken according to the standard procedure and without damaging the blood’s composition.

    2. Lab samples should be stored according to the standard procedures and they should be sent to labs as soon as possible without

    having a change in sample’s ingredients.

    3. Samples should be tested properly according to the correct standards.

    4. The sample testing process should be done according to the internal and external quality control processes in order to confirm

    the accuracy of the results.

    5. Staff should have the latest up-to-date knowledge and training about using the latest advanced technologies.

    PNH Laboratory follow all the above mentioned points and every process is done under the supervision of specialist doctors.

  • Services

    We have facilities to do lab tests in all the fields. Our lab service is available for 24 hours and in case of an emergency, urgent lab reports will be provided.

  • We do all the testings mentioned below

    • Bio Chemistry

    • Clinical Pathology

    • Microbiology

    • Haematology

    • Serology

    • Histology

    Under these sections, starting from simple tests like urine and blood, we do advance testings up to cancer testings, hormone testings, aids testings, dengue testings and much more.

  • Our Objective

    It is our objective to provide an accurate, correct and quick service to all of our patients. To ensure that, we have joined with an international quality control network as well. We are proud to say that we are one of highly trusted laboratory being operated in Sri Lanka.

  • Tomorrow

    Our future target is to move with the upcoming latest technologies as we always did. To achieve this task, we really appreciate your comments and suggestions.